JULY 2015




All Articles for the newsletter must be in by the 25th of each month and dropped off at the office or deposited in the office mail slot.  All articles must be signed.  Include your lot and phone number.  Activity Committee, will make the final decision on all articles, but will notify you if your article will not be used.



Linda Hull, Chairperson

Jean Hanley, Treasurer

Kathe Slack, Secretary

Eva Barrett, Scheduler

Larry Hull, Photos/Flyers

Wanda Park, Board Advisor



JoAnn Kepley, Alternate

Colleen May, Sunshine

Welcome, Dorothy Howland

Jan Morris, Newsletter


WEBSITE: Bob Russo




President, Wanda Park

VP/Treasurer, John Hamm

Secretary, Kathe Slack

Maintenance, Rich Windish

Art Richardson

Liaison, Evelyn Serrato

Board Member, Ray Russell



Phoebe Johnson

Marilyn Selby

Kathy Reynolds



Lot #73 – Buyer: Arthur Balcom, Seller: Vernon/JoAnn Ford

Lot 137 – Buyer: Sandra Berliner, Seller: Harold/Audrey Spangleberg

Lot 122A – Buyer – Stuart Reid, Seller Linda Hill

 Lot 30A – Buyer: Sue Miller, Seller: Dorothy Woolery



Barbara Fritzsche 7/16


ANNIVERSARIES: Phil & JoAnn Kepley 7/24



Ann Wible has resigned as board secretary, Kathe Slack will be replacing her as secretary.



It’s that time of year BBQ Ribs along with baked beans, Cole Slaw, and dessert all for $7.00.  Don’t forget to get your ticket as they go fast.

Kathe Slack



Tickets, $5.00, for brunch can be purchased at the office or contact Kathe Slack,

Menu – biscuits & gravy, scrambled eggs and fresh fruits.



I am happy to announce that Kate Grace has volunteered to work with me in our library.  Thank you Kate.

Helen Reese



Thank you to Phil and JoAnn Kepley for all their work in the shuffleboard room. The drapes have been cleaned and re-hung, carpets cleaned and next week the approach area will be repainted. Practice is still on Mondays at 12 noon.

Activities Committee



TOPS stands for “Take Off Pounds Sensibly”. We will have our first meeting July 10 in the Ballroom.  Weigh-in starts at 9:30 a.m. meeting at 10:00 a.m. join us to learn more. 

Evelyn Serrato



We play at 1:00 p.m. Wednesdays, but if it would be more convenient we could play Monday and or Tuesday afternoons.

If you want to learn to play there will be a beginner and renewal session on Mondays at 1:00 p.m. in the Card Room.

Eva Barrett



The Park will be restarting the Dr. Lily Shen’s Tai Chi for seniors.  It is great for breathing and balance. One can even do the breathing exercise without the movement if moving is difficult. We might actually get some beginning moves in during July. Contact me if you’re interested.     

Eva Barrett



Thank you so much for the return of the Zumba DVD. We can now make plans to start a group here in the park.



Coming in March 2016 a “Big” Tournament. Plan to win the trophy as Heritage Ranch Canasta Champions. Let me know if you would like to be included in this event.                                                                                                             Eva Barrett



Activities was very happy with the turn out last month.  We had 52 residents and 4 guest joined us for Brunch.  Our total profit was $142.81.  Activities has not had a pancake breakfast in a long time and it was nice to see it do very well. Most of all, Activities would like to thank each and every one of you for all of your patience and understanding. We are truly sorry for all of the misunderstanding that we had. I would like to thank the kitchen crew, Jolee Mertz, Evelyn Serrato, Ron Borden, Colleen May, Richard Windish, Fred Wallis, Linda Hull and Kathe Slack. You all did a fantastic job, thank you! Hope to see you next month, we will be having biscuits and gravy. 

Kathe Slack



I was talking to Duncan Bergeron in the Laundry room the other day and he said that a homeless dark-haired women was using the electric room, next to the pool, to sleep in. (Since this writing she has been evicted from our Park). Last summer someone used a resident’s front porch and also used their electric outlet. We need to keep a watch on our neighbor’s property if we know they are gone for the summer months. I’m going to lock my shed each night also. Don’t try to confront anyone personally, call a board member or police.

Jan Morris



This monthly event will be every second Friday of each month, regardless if it’s your birthday or not; every one invited it’s FREE. We will serve cake and ice cream along with the fun games and comraderie. Tell you neighbors.

Sue Windish



A big thank you to the Bonco Girls for hosting the June potluck. They will continue hosting this event in the Fall. Please note there will be no potluck in July. It will return in August.                                 Activity Committee



WII will be suspended for the Summer.  Thank you Fred Wallis for hosting this fun game.

Activity Committee



The tables will be set up Mondays 1-4 pm and Tuesdays, 4 pm to 8 pm in the ballroom. Please do not set up table on you own.

Jon Gill



We like to get an early start with the nominating committee to find candidates who will serve on the board next year. This may seem a little early to start, but in the past it has not been an easy task. Last year we needed 4 new directors and managed to have 6 people running. This year we will need 3 new directors. Your homeowners association is managed by 7 directors, none of whom receive any compensation whatsoever, just a willingness to serve your interests.  In the past it seems we have the same people, with just a few new ones coming on board. We’re are all getting older and feel the need to pass the torch to some of you younger folks.  We are issuing a plea to anyone who feels they would be interested in serving to contact the office. It is not rocket science and you don’t have to have a degree in anything. It’s just a matter of overseeing and maintaining our Association and the Common Area (CC&R’s) and be willing to learn the Parks Rules and Regulations.

We will give you all of the training and advice possible.

Board of Directors



The dictionary defines “potluck” as “a meal to share”.  It is not a free meal for you to take home for later. Please be respectful of others. If your table is called first, take only what you can eat, (a little sample of each dish) not 3-5 eggs or heaping spoons of a main dish. It has been observed that people take more and put the extra in containers to take home with them. If you want seconds, go up after all tables have been called and take what you can eat. A lot of people worked hard to prepare their dish and if there is leftovers they may want to take it home for themselves.

Activity Committee


Editors Notes

I heard today that Walgreens Drug (across the street) will be closing this week. Wow, I couldn’t believe they were closing, they haven’t been open that long. We can still get our drugs filled at Rite Aid or Stater Bros.

Is there anyone in the Park that would like to write a monthly column for our newsletter. Maybe a new recipe, restaurant review, or any interesting item that you could share with us. Sometimes I need fillers for the extra space that's left in the newsletter. If you have anything, drop it off at the office in an envelope addressed to Newsletter or Jan Morris. Also, please note, if you find any mistakes or misspelled words, I left them in so you would have something to find.

Jan Morris