All Articles for the newsletter must be in by the 25th of each month and dropped off at the office or deposited in the office mail slot. All articles must be signed, include your lot and phone number. You can also email an article to: linda.jeanne3@hotmail.com. Activity Committee, will make the final decision on all articles, but will notify you if your article will not be used. (All phone numbers without area codes listed will be 951)


President: Wanda Park

VP/Treasurer: John Hamm

Secretary: Kathe Slack

Maintenance: Richard Windish

Architectural: Wanda Park

Liaison: Evelyn Serrato

Landscaping: Art Richardson

Board Member: Ray Russell


Chairperson: Linda Hull

Treasurer: Jean Hanley

Secretary: Kathe Slack

Scheduler: Eva Barrett

Photo/Flyers: Larry Hull

Board Advisor: Wanda Park


Alternate: JoAnn Kepley

Newsletter: Jan Morris

Sunshine: Colleen May

Welcome: Vacant

WEBSITE: Bob Russo



Phoebe Johnson

Marilyn Selby

Kathy Reynolds

Board Advisor, John Hamm


79A Buyer: Judith Baker, Seller: Jim/Velinda Howard

165 Buyer: William Coscorelli, Seller: Ken Cain

28 Buyer: Dorothy Zettas, Seller: Dorothy Howland


August 4: Onalee Mcadden, Roy Dowd, and Bruce Qualman

August 11: Shelly Neil

August 26: Maria Gerhartz


A big thank you to all who sent cards and prayers during Jim's recent illness and heart surgery. Special thanks to all who drove both Irene and myself to the hospital and on errands. I'm home now and working on 4 to 6 week recovery.

Jim and Irene Pebley

Thank you so much for your generous donation to Hemet Hospice in memory of Bob Facchine, he would have approved. Bob loved his days at the "ranch" relaxing by the pool and taking a leisure bike ride. Thanks everyone for your kind words and warm hugs.

Stephanie Facchini


August 8, 9:00 am Tickets $5.00 can be purchased at the office or contact Kathe Slack.

Menu: pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage and fruit juice.


August 14, 1:00 pm This monthly, event will be every second Friday of each month, regardless if it's your birthday or not, every one is invited it's FREE. We will serve cake and ice cream along with the fun, games and camaraderie. Tell your neighbors.

Sue Windish


August 15, 4 pm happy hour and 5 pm dinner. Bring one of your favorite dishes (serves 8) to share. Hosted by the Bunco girls through September.



Reminder of the article in July's newsletter. "Please be respectful of others. If your table is called first, take only what you can eat, (a little sample of each dish) not 3-5 eggs or heaping spoons of a main dish. It has been observed that people take more and put the extra in containers to take home with them. If you want seconds, go up after all tables have been called and take what you can eat. A lot of people worked hard to prepare their dish and if there is leftovers they may want to take it home for themselves".



Hey, a good place to get your car washed for $6, $8, $10 is at the Chevron Station just south of here on right side of street. Takes only 15 minutes and they use recycled water. Works great for me and I'm saving water here.

Wanda Park


Activities is looking for someone to host the following committees (2 items):


Welcoming new residents to H.R. do you like meeting and taking to people. Activities is looking for someone to chair the Welcoming Committee. This would mean that you, and those you chose to help you, would call on new residents here in Heritage Ranch. Present them with a welcome bag; make sure they receive a current Newsletter; point out various things going on the park that month. Also make sure they have a copy of the Park Rules & Regulations and if they have any questions direct them to the person that can give them the answers. This is a great way to get to know new people and to make them feel at home. If this is something you would like to do, please contact Activities Chairman, Linda Hull.


The ping-pong table is ready for use, but we need someone to Chair this activity. This person would be responsible for seeing to that the table is set up for play at the reserved time for play. If you are interested in this position please contact Linda Hull.

Activity Committee


We will be doing a hamburger and hot dog BBQ on Labor Day, Monday September 7. Watch for the flyers on the bulletin boards with more information.

Activity Committee


The Activity budget for July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016 has been approved and submitted to the Activities Board Advisor along with the final July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015. If your group is receiving monies from activities please check to see what has been budgeted for said group. All expenditures need to be approved before money is spent and receipts turned into the Activities Chairperson for signature for reimbursement. Please keep in mind that the budget is not based on money we have but on money the committee is expecting to receive. Nothing is set in stone. Activity Committee


Our group has been very active. In May we visited Del Mar Beach where the frozen margaritas were delicious. In June we traveled to Vista. Upon arrival we joined the Elks for a mouth-watering steak and shrimp BBQ. The group attended the Highland Scottish Games and experienced something rare for So Cal  Rain.

We continue to enjoy playing Pegs and Jokers each Friday evenings. We invite anyone who is interested in camping to join us. Contact Jolee Mertz, Kathe Slack, or Colleen May for more information.

Peggy McGriff


Check with Sue Windish, or Jeff Wolfe until Mary Nell Flora or Eva Barrett returns in the Fall.

Eva Barrett


Looking forward to these three activities to be back in January, 2016.

Eva Barrett


Some of us noticed that our grounds could use a little sprucing up and I can't agree even more. Our Maintenance team has been really busy installing camera's, taking care of the pool, and fixing things that could cost a lot of money if we had to hire this work out. So having said that, Landscaping committee is asking for some help to get this done, just a few hours on August 22 @ 9:00 a.m. and we will provide donuts in the morning and sandwiches in the afternoon. Please call to let us know that you're going to help us out. Thank you for all of your help.

Kathe Slack


The board would like to remind everyone that outside the office are forms for complaints, things to check, or things that need fixing.

Unless it us an EMERGENCY please don't contact the board members at home. Also, please don't disturb our maintenance staff with questions or suggestions. They are supervised by the maintenance and landscape board members and are doing the work at their direction.

If you have a complaint or suggestion, fill out the proper form and drop it in the mail slot under the counter at the office window. Include your name, phone number, and lot number so that we can contact you if necessary. The appropriate board member will take care of your issue as soon as possible. Be assured that if the complaint is about another park member, your name will be kept confidential.

Board of Directors


Anyone interested in joining American Legion Post #848, San Jacinto, call for info regarding membership and Veteran's benefits.

John Fox

OPTIMISM is when you go fishing for Moby Dick in a rowboat and take tartar sauce with you.


Live Wireless  California LifeLine. Please see the attached flyer; if you are interested please contact Linda Hull 742-3488. To qualify for this free cell phone and free service you will need to prove eligibility and it is easy to qualify. This is 100% free to you for phone and service once it is established that you qualify. When we get several residents who are interested in this service we can get a representative to come here and meet with you and take care of the paperwork. *Note from webmaster for www.heritageranch.us - see the link on our website "Free California Telephones"*

Linda Hull