MARCH 2015


Articles must be in by the 25th of the month, and dropped off at the office or emailed to hroffice@heritageranch.us. All articles must be signed, with your lot & phone number. Editor makes the final decision on articles.

Activity Committee Members:

Linda Hull Chairman

Jean Hanley Treasurer

Kathe Slack Secretary

Kathy Christiansen Scheduler

Larry Hull Photos/Flyers

Wanda Park Board Advisor

Activity Committee Support:

Colleen May News/Sunshine

JoAnn Kepley Alternate

Upcoming Meetings:

Agenda Meeting Mar 10th @ 9:00 a.m.

Meeting Mar 12th @ 9:00 a.m.

Board Members 2014

President: Wanda Park

VP/Treasurer: John Hamm

Secretary: Ann Wible

Maintenance: Rich Windish

Landscaping: Art Richardson

Architectural: Wanda Park

Liaison : Evelyn Serrato

Board Member Ray Russell

Upcoming Meetings:

Agenda Meeting Mar 11th @ 9:00 a.m.

Meeting Mar 18th @ 7:00 p.m.

Birthday/Anniversary Notices

If you'd like your special date listed in future newsletters please email

us with the dates at hroffice@heritageranch.us


Dottie Harris - Mar 4th

Elmer Skinner - Mar 17th


Hal and Audrey Spangenberg - Mar 24th

Building Hours:

Lobby, All Purpose Room, Exercise Room, and Library

closed 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. daily for cleaning.

Billiards & Card Room closed 9 a.m.-11 a.m. Thursdays for cleaning.

Pool Restroom/Showers closed 5 a.m. - 7 a.m. daily for cleaning.

Laundry closed 10 p.m. - 7 a.m. daily.

We appreciate your understanding, so that our staff can clean those

areas during those times.

Richard Windish

Maintenance Board Advisor

Rental/Resale Committee

Phoebe Johnson

Marilyn Selby

New Owners:

Lot # 133

Buyer: Jerome and Carole Engel and

Robert & Judith Schlekewy

Seller: Lawrence and Wendy Wells

Lot # 93

Buyer: Diane Smith

Seller: Russ and Barbara Casey

Lot # 14A

Buyer: Jim and Velinda Howard

Seller: Noel Cairney

Lot # 98A

Buyer: Keith and Sandra Solberg

Seller: Shaffer Family Trust

Lot # 116A

Buyer: John Fox

Seller: Marcia Puhlusky

Lot # 161A

Buyer: Edward Corona

Seller: Pedro Arroyos

Welcome new friends…

Goodbye to old friends

Notes from the Board:

During the very busy Board Meeting on Feb. 18, I, and the rest of the

Board forgot to thank a very important group of men who saved the Ranch a lot of money.

Ole and his friends did a great job rebuilding the recycle building, and

we owe them a very heart felt Thank You.

Richard Windish

Maintenance Board Advisor

Anytime you find yourself in a situation with your neighbor, a board member, or have a park issue, please don't hesitate to contact me, or complete a Liaison form, and drop it at the office. All conversations and names remain confidential. I am your park Liaison, and will be happy to help resolve any issue you may have.

Evelyn Serrato

Liaison Board Advisor

Activity Committee Notes:


Dorothy Howland has stepped down from the position of Activity Scheduler due to health reasons. Kathy Christiansen has graciously stepped in to cover this position until the committee finds someone to fill the vacancy. If you are interested in joining the activity committee, and would like more information, please contact Linda Hull.

Insurance Requirements:

We have met with the insurance agent for Heritage Ranch and have clarification on what is required for our events in the park. Good News! After going over the various types of events that are put on, we are not required to get insurance certificates for 99% of the type events Activities puts on. When we get into what is considered a high risk event, we will then be required to provide the additional requirements. The Activity Committee will work with you when these documents are required. Thank you for your patience with this matter.

Linda Hull



A big thank you goes to Marilyn and Betty Lou for the great job they do decorating every place in the park. The shuffleboard team gives a very big thank you, for all the decorations. Teams coming here from other parks say how nice it looks.

Jo Kepley

Thank You

Wow, what a very special community we live in. The concerns and donations say it all! Many thanks to you all!

Miss Scarlett had to have another surgery last Friday. She will have a longer recovery, but she is doing wonderful. Thank you for all your prayers, it has helped her to be strong.

My husband, I, and Scarlett are very blessed to live here. Much love to you all, and, thanks again.

John, Kathe, & Scarlett


First of all, Thanks for your generous contributions. But, please, no milk cartons, medicine bottles, ensure bottles, alcohol bottles, or any other bottles that do not have a CRV label. Also, no glass. In the three months I've recycled, the activity committee has received hundreds of dollars.

Sue Storey

Sunshine Club:

The recyclables go towards the Sunshine Club expenses. This includes get well cards, sympathy cards, and contributions to the Arbor Hospice & Hemet Hospice Volunteers, a Non Profit Organization. Each time one of our members passes away, we send $25.00 to the Hospice in their memory. This donation will directly benefit the Charitable Fee Care Fund. With these donations, they can continue to offer quality of life support and services that go beyond routine health care. Hospice is there for the patient and family throughout the journey, and provides bereavement support for them down the road. So thank you for all your donations.

Colleen May

Spaghetti Dinner:

Thank you to all who sold tickets and to all who bought tickets. Thanks to all who worked to make this event another success. There are just too many to name, but thanks to all of you, we just couldn't continue to do it without all the help. We hope everyone enjoyed the evening.

Next year has been booked for Feb. 10th. Watch for posters in January.

Rose Chorney

Sharron LaHaye

Thank you again Rose Chorney & all your crew for another wonderful dinner. Looking forward to next year.

Jo Kepley

Thank You:

We all want to thank the Activities Committee for buying a refrigerator for the staff. It has been put in the lunch/break room, and inspired a new shelf to be built to hold all our goodies.

Colleen, Lilly, Tony, Maria, and Umberto

Thank You:

A big thank you to Tony Romero, Heritage Ranch Maintenance. While trimming trees, he discovered in the branches already cut, a tiny bird nest and two little hummingbird babies. They were almost overlooked and would have been grabbed up for a trip to the dump. Tony spotted the nest and with some rope, he was able to tie it back up into the tree. Later he spotted the mother attending her babies. Tony has a heart for all animals. I would like to thank him for all the loving care he gives to this park. Thanks Tony!

Jan Morris


Hands Across The Border had a great turn out, everyone played well. The Canadians played better, they won 17-15. There is always next year.

Kings and Queens were also great. It turned out to be a tied game. So girls we have a year to get ready for the next game.

A big thank you goes to John & Linda Frank, Phil Kepley, and all the people that helped get the boards ready and clean up after. Also all the people that helped set up for the Pot Luck after the games.

Jo Kepley


Swap Meet:

It's time again to start thinking about our annual Swap Meet. This year the schedule will be as follows:

Table Sales - 2/28 from 9:00 am-10:00 am

Cost $4.00 per table

Table Set Up - 3/6 from Noon - 5:00 pm

Swap Meet - 3/7 Sellers 6:30am - Noon, 3/7 Residents - 7:00 am

The gates will open at 8 am for the public. Please remember if you are planning to sell clothes, make sure the items are clean and in good repair. All electronics should be in working order, unless specified AS IS. We will be selling coffee & donuts, then later in the morning sodas, hot dogs and chips.

Any items not sold, that you want to donate; we will have Second Blessing truck here to pick up again. And lastly you must stay at your table until Noon unless you have sold all your items. Any questions please call Velinda Howard


There is a new weekly activity scheduled - the Wii. Fred Wallis and Jim Netterville will be setting up the Wii in the ballroom on Sundays from noon to 2pm on a weekly basis. If you are interested in joining them for fun and games, please feel free to show up and check them out.

Linda Hull

Crafters Corner:

If you have a craft or want to learn a craft, stop by the all purpose room on Friday mornings at 9:30. It's fun to share ideas and learn new ideas.

On March 6th I will be doing safety pin and bead bracelets. This is a popular craft on some of the cruise ships. Material fee is $5.00. On March 20th, I will be doing silk scarf painting. This one I'm doing again because of popular demand. You don't need to be an artist to have this project turn out just beautiful. Material fee is $10.00.

Please sign up for the classes so that I can provide sufficient materials for the classes. Hope to see you soon at the Crafters Corner.

Linda Sheehan

Pot Luck:

The January pot luck was attended by over 100 people. The Hands Across the Borders shufflers joined us and the Canadians, once more, won the coveted trophy for the year. Congratulations.

The Feb 21st Pot luck was also a great success with about 80 people. "Kings and Queens" shufflers joined us for dinner. The tournament ended in a tie so all is well in the kingdom.

I want to thank all of you who helped with these events. Those who set up the tables, those who decorated, those who cleaned up, those who M.C.ed for the 50/50, and those of you who prepared the food and attended. It takes all of you to make these events happen. Also thanks to Marcia who provided Card Bingo after dinner. It was good to see so many of you stay and play.

Our next Pot Luck will be March 21st. I'm hoping to see all of you there for an evening of fun and food with friends. Bring your place settings, a dish to serve at lease eight, and a couple of friends or neighbors. There will be a 50/50, and Marcia will be doing Card Bingo after dinner, so bring $1.50 in dimes and stay for the game.

Linda Sheehan

Birthday Bash & Ice Cream Social

Come and enjoy free cake & ice cream and help celebrate March Birthdays. We'll also have the Wii set up for all to try out. Friday, March 13 1:00 - 2:00

Sandy Machen

Rib Dinner:

Don't miss out! March 14, 2015. Baby Back Rib Dinner, which also includes cole slaw, beans, and desert for only $8.00. Tickets available from Sandy Machen, Kathe Slack, and the HR office.

Social Hour 4:00 p.m.

Dinner 5:00 p.m.

Bring your own place setting

Sandy Machen

Ernie's Lunch:

We really enjoy sponsoring this event. We had to cancel February's lunch because ticket sales were slow. We mush have tickets sold so we know what to purchase for this event. We enjoy seeing residents enjoying the lunch, socializing, playing 50/50 and winning door prizes. If you've never won anything here's your chance!!!

On March 28th, we'll serve cheeseburgers, potato salad, chips, and dessert. Single burger is $5.00 and double burger is $7.00. Tickets will be available at the HR office and at Peggy McGriff's. Cut off time to obtain tickets is March 25th

Peggy McGriff